Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Speed Painting: fat guy

I was showing a friend of mine how to do stuff with Corel Painter, so I grabbed a random picture from my image library and painted on top of it. This one is from Stephen Silver of Kim Possible fame. Go to to check out more of his stuff.

I'm not dead, just employed

I managed to land a pretty sweet gig as a photoshop wizard for Apple, and that's changed my life pretty dramatically. I'm no longer drawing furiously in an attempt to make myself more employable. If I can continue doing my same line of work, I'd be perfectly happy working for apple for the next few decades.
Here are a couple of illustrational things that I've done for apple.

My latest schtick: Tea Painting

My work has a couple of machines in our break rooms that dispense free coffee for everyone who needs a morning buzz. They also dispense hot chocolate and hot water for brewing. I wanted to take advantage of these things, but I don't drink coffee and I'm anti-empty calories at this point in life, so I've recently become a connoisseur of herbal teas.
It didn't take long before I decided that it would be cool to paint with tea, so I made myself a pretty sweet palette of tea paints.