Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Winner is Me

I went to Naked Lunch today, hosted by Powerhouse Animation. It's a figure drawing session that happens every month, and it always ends with all the artists showing off their favorite page of work, and then the model chooses his/her favorite. In the past, Paul Richards had continual reign of supremacy until he got a job in California with Blizzard.
Today, I took the prize. Here are the winning pages for your viewing pleasure.

I suddenly like painting on cardboard

I'm on an angry primate rampage

I recently read Our Inner Ape by Franz de Waal, and it was an amazing book that made me think I was an expert primatologist after having read it.
And now, as one of the world's leading self-proclaimed primatologists, I present you with some sketches of angry primates.
Also, remind me never to get a pet mandrill, no matter how colorful they might appear in the pet shop.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm a proud little painter

As part of a series of puzzles that are being sold to promote capybara wellness, a couple of my paintings were used to make great jigsaw greatness. You can check out the full array of them here.