Saturday, December 13, 2008

a little something

I'm fairly sure no one reads the body text, so I think I'll copy/paste some bad poetry here. YARR!
What is Liquid?
All that doth flow we cannot liquid name
Or else would fire and water be the same;
But that is liquid which is moist and wet
Fire that property can never get.
Then 'tis not cold that doth the fire put out
But 'tis the wet that makes it die, no doubt.

Margaret Cavendish.


Megan "Mo" Magleby :) said...

I read the body text :P I'm crazy like that. That poem was slightly jibberishy especially since I'm so tired right now. Wonderful work on the blog though :D

Jim's doodles said...

basically, the poems says, "what's liquid? Liquid is kinda like fire, except it's moist."