Friday, February 27, 2009

The most hardcore bunny ever.

I've got a job at BRG research where I sit on the phone and bug random people until they complete telephone surveys. I don't particularly enjoy being a menace to society, or at least to the part of society that happens to be eating dinner when I call, but the silver lining in this job is that it has created an opportunity to get more bonding time with my sketchbook while I'm waiting for the dialer to find its next victim.
Since the view of the wall from my refrigerator-sized cubical isn't the most conducive to good sketch booking, I've found myself seeking out the best photo reference I can find. I started off my job with a wildlife book I found at the Provo public library. I was drawing pictures of rabbits and soon got bored, so I thought rabbits would be more fun to draw if they were characters in a film noir.
After doing my last post of the self-portrait, I've been wanting to explore some more things I can do with lighting. I really liked the effect of painting the color from my red shirt as reflected light onto the neck and face.

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