Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Daily Fuentes

I decided it would be cool to draw the same picture every day for a month, so I printed off a picture of Daisy Fuentes, my first celebrity crush as a teenager and I've been drawing that same picture every day for the past 30 days, and I have to say it's been a pretty cool experience that's really helped me out in the "drawing attractive females" department.
I've decided to do the same thing for the next month, except I'm going to the opposite end of the spectrum and drawing MMA fighter Frank Shamrock, who looks like he's taken many blows to the face during his cage fighting career.

1 comment:

Adam said...

There's something very Uncanny Valley about the painting. I think it's that her face looks like a different material than her body.

The charcoal (pencil?) one is the best. Great detail on the skeletal structure, but I think the face needs more attention.