Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentine's - right around the corner

And you know me, nothing says romance quite like like a cannibalistic entomology joke.

The last time I did Valentine's illustrations was in 2010, and I fondly recall that being one of my best Valentine's days ever. I've recently decided that Valentine's day works best when you make it not about yourself; also, it helps if your significant other at the time adopts the same mindset.
The idea now is that I'm going to print up about 100 of these things, cut and paste them into tiny 2 inch cards, and give them out to everyone that I know, regardless of their gender, attractiveness, or personal hygiene.
I'm recycle a couple illustrations from last time, including a favorite that managed to make the dating.failblog homepage. I also decided the Lonely Dinosaur would be a fitting addition to this year's lineup.

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